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Industrial Pumps

In order to deliver quality content, our entire production process is commenced under the strict eyes of quality examiners. Providing customized packaging solutions is our specialty and we can alter packs as per requirements of buyers. Besides this, we make sure the grade of materials is premium to ensure safety of products.

  • Centrifugal Pumps
    We come up with Centrifugal Pumps of different types such as High Pressure Multistage Centrifugal Pump, Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps and Vertical Single Stage Centrifugal Pump. We are reckoned as one of the reputed Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Centrifugal Pumps. Manufactured and

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    Centrifugal Pumps

  • Polypropylene Pump

    Material : Plastic

    Plastic Type : PP

    Application : Liquid Use

    Pressure : Medium Pressure, High Pressure

    Transparency : Clear

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    Polypropylene Pump

  • Screw Pump

    Flow Rate : Up to 100 M3 / Hr

    Differential Pressure : 24 Bar

    Viscosity : Up to 1,00,000 Cst

    Temperature : Up to 150°C

    Suction Lift : 8 mlc Max

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    Screw Pump

  • Self Priming Pump
    Application : All clear liquids without solid suspensions like diesel, petrol, LPG, oil, solvents, syrup, dm water, chemicals, steam boiler feeding, evacuation of condensate water, boosting of pressure, as a drum/barrel pump.   Features :  All wetted parts of pumps are made from lost wax

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    Self Priming Pump

  • Gear Pump

    Application : Transfer From Tank To Tank

    Brand Name : Malhar

    Model Number : SIG

    Place of Origin : India

    Capacity : 10.50m3/hr

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    Gear Pump

  • Lobe Pump
    Salient Features : These Pumps are meant for high Mechanical Efficiency means less energy Consumption, Lower Cost Smaller Motors, Lower Drive Costs. Easy-clean pump of head which is ideal for in place cleaning, or can be rapidly stripped for manual cleaning, without disconnecting the pipe

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    Lobe Pump

  • Solar DC Pump
    Product Details : These pumps are dc pumps and special made where AC power is not available. One can run these pumps on car/truck battery or even on solar power. DC motors are of 3000/1450 RPM and are of PMDC or BLDC type so efficiency is high and maintenance is very less. All pumps are fitted

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    Solar DC Pump

  • Hand Operated Lpg Pump

    Pump Type : Manual LPG Pump Piston Type 4 Way Non Return Valve Arrangement

    Pump Make : Malhar

    Pump Capacity : 15 kg/15 Minute i.e. 1 kg/Minute depend on nos of stroke per minute

    Pump Model : MMLPG-1

    Suction X Delivery Sizes : ¼ ” x ¼

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    Hand Operated Lpg Pump

  • Monoblock Pump

    Application : Water Supply

    Weight : 10-15kg

    Voltage : 220V

    Theory : Self-priming

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

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    Monoblock Pump

  • Coolant Pump

    Max Discharge Up to : 1000 LPM.

    Max Pressure Up to : 21 Bar.

    Max Length Up to : 1500 Mm.

    Max Hp : Up to 20 HP

    Max Outlet Size : Up to 4 Inch

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    Coolant Pump

  • Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

    Capacity : From 10 LPM, Upto 750 LPM

    Head : Upto 40 Mtrs

    Material of Construction : Poly Propylene Glass Filled , PVDF upto 110 Deg C & SS-316

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    Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

  • Mini Motorised Hydro Test Pump

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

    Driven Type : Hydraulic

    Pressure : High Pressure, Medium Pressure

    Structure : Diaphragm Pump

    Warrenty : 1year

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    Mini Motorised Hydro Test Pump

  • Vertical Axial Flow Pump

    Flows To : 181700 m3/h (800 000 gpm)

    Heads To : 11 m (35 ft)

    Speeds To : 1770 Rpm

    Sizes : 200 mm (8 in) to 3.1 m (123 in)

    Settings To : 8 m (25 ft)

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    Vertical Axial Flow Pump

  • Vertical Sealless Glandless Pump

    Application : Ground Water Supply

    Voltage : 220V

    Fuel : Diesel, Electric

    Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

    Power : 3-5kw

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    Vertical Sealless Glandless Pump

  • Vertical Sump Pump
    Vertical Sump Pump can be used in any installation or specially where the saving of space is important factor and most important where liquid is difficult to lift because of nature like temp, corrosiveness etc. These pump are designed for use where the liquid handled to be is of highly corrosive.

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    Vertical Sump Pump

  • Sewage Submersible Pump

    RPM : 3000 / 1500 / 1000 RPM

    Range : Up to 200 HP

    Size : Up to 12 Inch

    Head : Up to 90 Mtr.

    Capacity : Up to 3000 lpm(In High speed pump), Up To 15,000 lpm(In Low Speed pump)

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    Sewage Submersible Pump

  • DC Powered Fuel Pump

    Application : Home

    Voltage : 220v

    Fuel : Electricity

    Application : Water

    Theory : Diaphragm Pump

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    DC Powered Fuel Pump

  • Lpg Transfer Pump

    Brand Name : Malhar

    Pump Type : AC (Electric supply) LPG Diaphragm Pump

    Pump Type : 12 Volt DC (Battery Operated) LPG Diaphragm Pump

    Pump Model : MD-AC-1/MD-DC-1

    Suction x Delivery Sizes : ¼ ” x ¼ ”

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    Lpg Transfer Pump

  • DC-AC Diesel Transfer Pump

    Brand Name : Malhar

    Application : diesel transfer

    Place of Origin : india

    Application : fuel transfer

    Theory : centrifugal

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    DC-AC Diesel Transfer Pump

  • Flame Proof Pump

    Capacity : 250m3/hr

    Head : 200mtr

    RPM : Upto 3600

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    Flame Proof Pump

  • Floating Pump
    These special type of pumps have been designed to float in rivers, lakes and sump where level of liquid is changing constantly and sometimes liquid requires positive or low suction. Following are the special features of the pumps. Can Take both axial and radial loads, specially designed to take

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    Floating Pump

  • Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

    Abrasives : Clay Slip, Titanium Dioxide, Frit, Mill Scale

    Alcohols Acids : All Mineral and Organic Acids

    Cement : Cement, Mortar

    Cosmetics : Creams, Emulsions, Detergents

    Ceramics : Slip Glazes, Clay

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    Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

Barrel Pumps

  • Hand Operated Barrel Pump
    MODEL :- RHB SS-1 Outer Diameter :- 40 mm, All wetted parts in SS 316 & PTFE.  Also offer pump in pp material. Suitable for 50 to 210 liter drum. Outlet size : 1”. Tube length is 990 mm (different length available as option ). Delivers 5 liter per 20 turns. Suitable for any type of

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    Hand Operated Barrel Pump

  • Cast Iron Barrel Pump
    MODEL :- RHB CI-1 Outer Diameter :- 40 mm, Solid cast Iron Construction, 2 way operation, 1” / 1 ½” pump Inlet, Suitable 50-210 Liter, Useful for transferring oil , diesel , kerosene & other Non-Corrosive Media. Pipe Tube Length 990 mm Capacity 5 liter / 20 turns, Weight In

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    Cast Iron Barrel Pump

  • Motorised Barrel Pump

    Outer Pipe Dia Meter : Ø40 mm

    Outlet Size : 20 mm (3/4”)

    Power : 0.88 kw

    Speed : 10000 RPM

    Voltage : 220v , 50 Hz

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    Motorised Barrel Pump

  • Screw Barrel Pump

    MOC : SS

    Max Flow : Up to 100 Ltr/min

    Head M : 60

    Length/Dia/mm : 1000/42-52

    Rotor : SS

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    Screw Barrel Pump

  • Pneumatic Barrel Pump

    Capacity : 40 LPM

    Head : 15 Mtrs

    Operating Pressure : 3 to 6 Kg/Cm2

    Material of Construction : S.S 304/316

    Discharge : 1 Inch

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    Pneumatic Barrel Pump

  • Stainless Steel Barrel Pump

    Material : SS 316

    Application : Transferring Of Fuels

    Place of Origin : India

    Size : 25MM/50MM

    Flow : 110l/min

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    Stainless Steel Barrel Pump

Other Products

  • Insertion Type Flow Meter

    Suitable for Pipe Sizes : DN 10 to DN 2000

    Media Conductivity (Min) : 10 us / cm (Consult factory for 5 us/cm)

    Media Pressure : PN 40 up to DN 80, PN 16 upto DN 200 & PN 10 up to DN 600

    Material : SS 316 (Non - Magnetic)

    Liner : PTFE / Neoprene / Polyurethane

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    Electromagnetic Flowmeter

  • Woltman Water Meter

    Conforms to ISO : 4064, Class B

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    Woltman Water Meter