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Lobe Pump

Sailent Features :-

  •   Pumps are meant for high Mechanical Effiency means less energy Consumption, Lower Cost Smaller Motors, Lower Drive Costs.
  •        Easy-clean pump head which is ideal for in place cleaning, or can be rapidly stripped for manual cleaning, without disconnecting the pipe work.
  •     Positive, Uninterrupted Displacement by specially designed rotors creates a steady, gentle pumping action which does not shear, agitate or aerate the product.
  •      Pumping chambers without pockets or crevices to harbor bacteria or contaminants. No Contact between moving parts and no internal bearings in pump head.
  •   Solid stainless steel, ASI 316 quality, pumps head, rotors and shafts. Food quality rubber covered and plastic rotors are also available.
  •   Robust, Cast Iron gear case enclosing oil Lubricated rolling bearings are precision timing gears.
  •   Generous distance separating the pump head from the gear case.
  •    End Connection / Port Flanged / Threaded – Customized.

Alternative Design Features :-

  •   Pumps are manufactured precisely to satisfy customers’ requirements. This is achieved by machining the ports to suit pipe work connections and incorporating various features and facilities.
  •  We will be pleased to consider pumping needs and problems and to provide “CUSTOMIZED” pumps to meet them. Pumps can be mounted and supplied with drive and auxiliary equipment specially engineered for the installation.

Special Features :-

     Manual Control By-pass Jacked Rotor caseElectric Heating Tapes

Trouble Free Operation :-

Almost any substance which can be conveyed through a pipe line can be handled by pumps. Stainless Steel Positive Displacement Rotary pumps are specified for the almost efficiency in fluid handling throughout the Bakery , Brewing , Chemical , Confectionery , Cosmetic , Dairy , Food , Medical , Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries.

Positive Benefits:-

  • Compact construction, reducing weight and installation space.
  • Reversible flow without modification.
  • Pump head easily dismantled without pipeline disconnection.
  •   Non contact of moving parts in product area.
  • Rectangular and anlarge inlet ports available for high viscocity and suspended solid products.

Low Maintenance Cost:-

  • High capacity roller bearins .Increased life.
  • Easily remival cartridge of shafts , gears and bearings for rapid maintenance-reduce down time.

Hygienic Constructrion:-

  • AISI 316 Stainless steel Liquid contact parts.
  • All external surfaces of pump head machined as per SI Standard.
  •   Pump and gear housings separated , no risk of oil mixing with product.
  • Pump head constructed for in line cleaning.

Typical Applications for Positive Displacement Rotary Lobe Pumps:-

Dairy: - Cream, Milk, Cheese, Curd & Whey, Cottage, Cheese, Yoghurt, Margarine, Butter

Bakery: - Batters, Flavorings, Frostings, Fruit Fillings, Fat & Oils , Sweeteners , Yeast Slurry Dough.

Meat Packing; - Meat-Emulsions, Ground Meat, Pet Foods, Extracts , Minced Meat , Sausage Meat.

Beverage :- Beer , Wort , Yeast , Alcohols & Wines soft Drinks , Fruit Concentrates , Fruit Drinks , Essences.

Pharmaceutical: - Pill Pastes , Syrup , Slurries , Extracts , Latex Emulsion.

Canning :- Tomato Paste , Fruit Paste , Cream Style , Vegetables , slurries , Puddings , Jams , Jellies , Salads Dressings , Mayonnaise , Baby Foods , Soups , Stews.

Confectionery :- Syrups , Cream Fillings , Chocolates , Coffee Caramel.

Cosmetics :- Heand & Face Creams , Lotion Shampoos , Dyes , Alcohols , Essential Oils.


Pump Head Heating :

Some high viscocity products are more efficiently pumped by raising their temperatures.Two Standard methods are –Steam / Hot Water Heating (illustrated)or Electrical Heating , which is by elements enclosed in removable jackets and may be applied to existing unheated pump heads. Rotors suitable for high temperatures may be required.


In Different Pressure Range up to 240 PSI And Flow Rate up to 750 LPM.

  •   Low pressure standard models.
  • Medium pressure Teflon Bearing Models.
  • High pressure overhung Bearing models.

Important factors to be considered:-

  • Pump Inlet connection should always be flooded to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Mount pump as close as possible to supply vessel.
  • Protection is essential against line blockage or valve closure when using Positive Displacement

Pumps by utilizing one of the following methods.

1.      Pressure Relief valve built into pump head.

2.      Pressure Relief valve in discharge Line.

3.      Torque limiting device between pump & drive.

4.      Overload trip on drive.


Where the possibility exists of solid Foreign matter in product, protection must be taken in the suction line by installing a filter or trap.


Drive Units : Available mounted on steel base plte with suitable guard.


Constant speed : Vee Belts, Geared Motor


Pressure 250PSI
Brand Name Malhar
Application High Viscous Liquid
Usage Food Industry
Place of Origin india

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Port Ahmedabad, kandla, mundra
Payment Terms L/C, D/P, T/T, Other
Delivery Time within 4 days
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